Free virtual workout for voiceover artists of all levels.

Workouts are held every weeknight from 8:00 EST to 10:00 EST via Zoom.
Come be a part of our amazing community of voiceover artists.

Joining a workout session also gives you access to the group online to get help, ask questions, offer advice, or just chat!

"Lindsay is such a wonderful voice actor and member of the VO community! I've had the pleasure of training with her on multiple occasions. Her implementation of different styles of improv, vocal techniques and warm ups have really helped me to improve my skills set."
- Tyler

I'm fairly new to VO but I do have some experience in it, and i truly feel the few workouts outs i've attended have helped me gain more confidence in my voice and push away some of those overly critical self thoughts. Hearing a group of people who don't know you and have no obligation to you, say you're wrong in regards to "that thing about my voice" we all have. I really think finding this workout is one of the biggest steps forward/advantages I've had in the start of my VO career ,there's people of all levels who come and it's been a great resource.

I've been able to participate in a few of her workouts now and they are GREAT! Such a great idea and Lindsay does a great job keeping it fun while still providing valuable feedback. I would recommend her workouts to anyone.
- Max Gallo